Advances in villas in Mazandaran forests in the villages of Mazandaran forests

Doctor of Hydrology and Hydraulic Structures, Lack of Cadastre Map and Failure to Observe Land Map Two major problems in Mazandaran and noted: There are no clear and current maps for the boundaries of national lands, forests and pastures, and the delineation between these lands and texture Residential is not clear. Ismail Tolouee said in an interview with ISNA that the same factor has led to the advent, rape and illegal construction of these areas and has turned these areas into a residential building; this is also claimed by villagers in most of the provinces and districts of the province. The river’s diet has changed from flood basin to base The researcher and researcher in the watershed divided water problems into two global and regional factors and noted that global warming and rising global temperatures had reduced snow reserves and rivers flow from basin to flood As in recent years, we have seen declining atmospheric pressures and the severity of the flood as well as the floods, which lasted for so many years. Toloi added: Regional factors are in fact the same management and human interference in the environment, and according to each region and its problems have different criteria and factors. He mentioned the effects of cadastral plans and national lands, as well as the role of forests and rangelands in watershed management, adding that the destruction of the forest due to the establishment of habitats and uncontrolled harvesting of rangelands has led to the loosening of upland and foothills and in addition to Destruction of the vegetation will cause flooding at lower levels. Granting unauthorized permits for construction and extraction of forests The rise of non-normative permits for construction in the wild and the extraction of overwrought forests caused the earth to sink, causing flood flows, and said the earth prevented flooding and flooding at levels due to such complications. It is low and otherwise precipitation will be uncontrollable, which will affect the quality of the rivers and will contribute to the nutrition of aquatic animals. Professor of Tonekabon University of Water and Water Resources, pointing out that the forest has an anchor for natural resources, pointed out that forests play a significant role in the quality of soil and water and the disposal of garbage in forests by creating leached Pollution and groundwater pollution will have a huge impact on water resources and the environment. Ruthlessness in harvesting materials from the rivers of Mazandaran The rise of unconventional harvesting of rocks and rivers into a deadly poison for waste water supplies and continued: “The destructive activities resulting from non-principled conceptions in most of the rivers of Mazandaran and rampaging the river basin have a great impact on providing water resources.” Because these are rocky streams of the river that stop the flow of energy from the flood and, by creating small and large obstacles in the course of the river, make it refined and oxidized to the water. He further explained the advantages of the presence of materials in the rivers: The porosity in the bed of the river, which is affected by the presence of small rocks, has up to 30% of water storage capacity, which is referred to as the water storage reservoir And this is the same amount of water that does not have losses and does not evaporate, and the dehydration time will prevent the emergence and occurrence of droughts in large rivers. Toloi stated: “When a truck pulls out of the river, until the hours after moving, we see the discharge of water from the loaded material, which is exactly the amount of water that exists in the bed and the holes of the river bed.” The author and researcher in the field of water resources said that the harvest should be monitored and used as much as possible on the amount of water and cargo on the river. Unfortunately, no other harvest permits have been evaluated and supervised, and contractors are relentlessly considering harvesting of river materials Until they reach the bottom of the mud. Describing threats to Mazandaran rivers The rising problems of rivers in the province of Mazandaran, most of which are connected with cultivars, were not focused solely on the problems of harvesting, and pointed out the problems of water pollution: domestic and industrial sewage, waste landfills, washing of chemical fertilizers and lack of The appropriate ego system causes problems in the water and water resources and is a threat to the rivers of the province, which will affect the quality and quantity of crops. He noted that whispers on the transfer of existing water in Mazandaran and the displacement of rivers under the pretext of watering the arid areas were unwise and unwise. It was recalled that with the misconception that the Mazandaran and northern provinces have abundant water resources, Such acts are false, because these mistakes will have irreparable consequences. The professor at the University of Tonkabon referred to the role of rivers in groundwater nutrition, saying that unpolluted digging and unconventional excavation of wells resulted in a vacuum of water in underground resources, which ultimately led to the advent of seawater to underground resources And the salinity of well water will be followed; for solving this problem, observations of wells should be monitored continuously and the level of wells should always be evaluated. Construction of small hydroelectric dams The permanent member of the Dehdot Committee of the Sefidroud Dam reservoir has considered the establishment and construction of small hydroelectric dams on the large rivers of Mazandaran as a valuable solution to contain rivers and floods, adding that such small dams in addition to development, employment and power generation Due to its low depths, it is not possible to flood and return water to the river and will not have a damaging effect on large reservoir dams.
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