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According to the Economic News Service, the market for Nowruz “Villa” in the northern cities, with three choices for buyers, was launched. The villagers’ ready-made raw landowners as well as the villa’s villagers are planning to sell these properties to Norouz tourists, in addition to the two previous methods of selling cash or cash and installing, they have developed a new formula called Participatory Contract. The third way is to become a villager in the form of buying land and assigning the responsibility of the seller to the villagers. North Real estate dealers say the formula will reduce the final cost for villagers by at least 20 percent. Along with the beginning of the new year and the trips of Nowruz, the market for buying and selling villas in the northern cities of the country has also warmed a bit, and three routes are being offered for sale, including cash purchases, installment purchases and partnership agreements with civil servants to North Sea passengers. Since the shadow of a stagnation over the past two years has shone on the transactions of this group of real estate, the current market conditions for installments have also been suggested to encourage buyers to bargain in addition to cash selling conditions. Meanwhile, the current Norouz market for Villa deals this year will witness a third vialization after cash and installment sales based on a partnership agreement to build a villa tailored to the customers’ tastes and budgets. The terms of sale of a detached villa in almost all of the northern cities of the country are mainly based on paying 40 to 60 percent of the total price as a cash and remainder in three to a maximum of six one-month checks. These terms are defined in such a way that both sides of the deal benefit from it so that the seller priced the property up to 10% more expensive than the cash conditions and the buyer also has a few months to complete the liquidity and payment of the villa. The basis for the sale of semi-detached villas in the northern cities is solely based on the receipt of the Czechs, and the seller and the intermediary, apart from receiving the securities, do not expect another buyer to prove his right. At the same time, a credible sign can give the buyer the power to first detect villas with permits and unlicensed licenses, so that unlicensed villas built on green lands and crops that are likely to be destroyed by government agencies and executive agents of the Ministry Agriculture Jihad and the Forestry and Natural Resources Organization, predict the terms of the installment in a tempting manner for buyers, and are ready to transfer the document in the name of the buyer after receiving the premiums and installment checks. They use this weapon to ensure that applicants purchase a villa of their choice. However, if the landmark is not problematic, during the transaction, Al-Qaeda will only be set up in a single transaction, and until the payment of almost all of the monthly installments is completed, the document will not be officially transmitted. Of course, it is not enough to rely on this indication, and other steps must be taken to ensure the accuracy of the land register and reduce the risks of buying a villa and preventing the buyer from being overwhelmed. Civilian intermediaries usually advise the buyer to inquire about the land and place of land. However, according to experts, these issues are not legal, and for the purpose of recognizing the use of land and construction permits it should be solely referred to by the Office of Natural Resources and the Directorate General for Roads and Urban Development of the province. In this way, it will be determined that the building constructed is in accordance with the provisions of the rural constituent plan and is either legal or illegitimate and will be destroyed sooner or later by trustees. Also, the mere possession of a code for the interception and registration of a transaction in the property market system does not mean that the construction of a built-in land is not tradable, and the buyers’ imagination should not merely be invoked simply by referring to a bargain and quidditch. Formula for calculating villa prices In general, pricing of villas in the north follows a different formula and is not calculated on the basis of a single price per square meter. Since each villa in the north is a combination of a certain area as a land and an area plus an underground building built in the middle of it, there is a different price for these two, but the rates for each one are not separately allocated to the purchasers. The study of the “world of economics” suggests that the price of land in the various northern cities is generally ranging from 150 to 300 thousand tomans, and the price is calculated on the basis of the sum of construction and materials used between 700 thousand to one million tomans. Of course, the exceptional prices of super luxury and expensive villas that are fully equipped for recreation and sports in the best coastal conditions and worth billions are not calculated at these averages. In addition, the mentioned price range refers to the land with a notarized document and authorized buildings, but at the same time an inquiry from the registration office of each city can assure the buyer of the authenticity of the document. It’s natural that land that has a council document instead of a notarized document is traded at lower prices. The Sandy Council document is usually set up in small villages or towns with local councils or remote places, signed by some credible witnesses, and eventually signed by the head of the local council and sealed to the local council. This document is considered normal and its formalization is within the scope of the office of registration of local documents, and consideration of any claims about it is in the jurisdiction of the property court. The calculation formula, as well as the price of the villa in the northern cities, have not changed significantly since last year, and those who did not buy back last year did not suffer any harm. Collaborative Viliadation Model The market for a villa in the most popular cities of the north has another form. The announcement of the sale of land and the construction of a villa with a partnership agreement in the Nowruz market this year is one of the reasons why it can be used to reduce the transaction temperature of completed villas. Since most of the newly built villas over the past few years, contrary to local manufacturers’ ideas, were not welcomed by buyers, and the recession in this part of the housing market was nesting, civilian mediators for villagers in the north of the country, and At the same time, they did not pay a lot of money, they went to the offer of cooperative contracts. Most of the proposals in this section are considered as fit and favorable conditions for those who are not in a hurry and who can wait for at least a year to be wedded. In addition, most applicants for the northern villa are required to spend up to 150 million tomans, and with this liquidity, if they contribute to the construction, they will be building their own taste. Of course, due to the saturation of coastal land, these options are mostly distant from the sea and there are places where crude land is available for settlement.   For example, several thousand meters of land in the village of Bisheh Klar in the city of Noor for this building has been prepared and the constructor has taken a break from the plazas for building in these lands and for obtaining permits. The estimated payment terms for the ownership of a maximum of 14 months are one of these villas with a land of 202 square meters and a 75 square meter building including a payment of 50 million USD for cash and five one-month checks each for a value of 14 million USD. This is while buying a newly built and ready-made villa in the city of Nour, with better access to a city of similar size, will be between 150 and 180 million USD, according to the conditions of the land and the location of the land. However, this model would typically allow villagers to buy villas between 20% and 40% cheaper, but consideration of land quality and licensing needs should be taken into account through the inquiries from the district and district authorities in order to verify the validity of the permit Also ensure before the transaction.
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