The waste management of the blind knot of Mazandaran tourism

Although the tourism relationship seems to be complex with the environment, this relationship has many activities that can have reverse environmental effects. * The lack of specific landscape and structure in Mazandaran tourism Ali Mahfroozi, a tourism researcher in an interview with ISNA, stating that there is no specific landscape and structure in Mazandaran in the tourism sector, said: “The massive volume of passengers and tourists entering Mazandaran is not controllable, and despite the use of 26 to 30 units in our tourism sector do not have a specific outlook and structure for continuing the arrival of the passenger. He added: “In the next two decades, we have to spend several times in order to have a better environment; there is no massive economic revenues; most travelers entering the province from the axis of the road, own a villa or stay in a resident’s residence. * 60% of tourists come to Mazandaran with picnic mode According to the author of various tourism articles, Mazandaran, using the capacities, position and climate variation, can attract tourists and turn travelers into tourists; 60 percent of the tourists enter the Mazandaran in a picnic mode, causing a bustle. And traffic becomes a road and hurts our province in the long run. “With a comprehensive definition of tourism in the province, in the form of a plan, it is possible to create the opportunity to present travelers as a real tourist in the future, and to create good opportunities in the province, especially in the development debate,” Mahfroozi said. The tourism expert, pointing out that today’s concern must be the output of cultural capacities, social structure of the community, the environment and natural resources of the province, added: “If the tourist has only a passenger aspect, that is, social, economic, cultural and environmental weights. It is a huge catastrophe for the Mazandaran ecosystem and affects environmental issues. He stressed that the impact of human groups should not be exacerbated, and that natural resources and human factors both move towards destruction; by building appropriate cultural capacities in the field of tourism, we must avoid continuing the process. * The first destination of Mazandaran is not tourism Said: “The first destination of Mazandaran is not tourism, and it can only be a driving force; we can not, until the attractions and resources of the province become We have not decided to talk about income. He emphasized: “These resources and attractions with well-defined management within the framework of the right landscape can be a structure that will become a destination for tourism in the next 10 years; considering ecological conditions and not focusing on past years, we Closer discussion. The advisor to Jihad University in Mazandaran stated: “In the past, in traditional cities, tourism was less and in the new towns we had more tourism presence; the cultural dimension of tourism in the north was not investigated and the focus on recreational tourism; Mazandaran should be responsible for tourism And destination tourism.The waste management of the blind knot of Mazandaran tourism

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